Summer 2017 Collection Sneak Peek

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to share the newest GIF/promo video for the Summer 2017 Collection. The Cozy Post hiatus is finally over and I am thrilled to begin working on art pieces and projects again. When I look back on how The Cozy Post has grown over the last two years I can’t help but smile! After an encouraging art show at Home Grown Fest 2015, Chris and I realized how far our little cactus figurines could go. The following summer was filled with creating new pieces in the sweltering heat (the air conditioning went out a couple times that hot, Texas summer) and fulfilling orders from our etsy page and from a brick and mortar vintage shop that sold our cacti. To commemorate the release of some of my newest designs, Chris helped me create our very first GIF to be featured on social media. Chris’ talent for music, photography, and production made my cacti look magical on screen!

Our very first GIF/promo video featured cacti from the Summer 2015 collection and special designs made for Home Grown Fest 2015

I remember setting up a sad little “studio” in my parent’s living room with a makeshift light box and desk lamps pointed at my cacti. We took shot after shot and my dad probably thought we were crazy. But the end result was a sweet little video that commemorates such a special time for The Cozy Post. Even more important than that, the video also serves as a reminder of a creative and busy summer!

Now, exactly two years later Chris and I are ready to show a sneak peek of another cactus collection! I will delve more into what inspired me for this summer’s collection in a later post, but I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for this art project! It has really served as an artistic outlet for myself and Chris and has pushed both of us to create, even when we don’t feel immediate inspiration. We really had to ease ourselves into making GIFs and videos again by keeping things simple for this sneak peek (let it be known that our “studio” situation hasn’t changed much haha!). The jingle for this GIF is one of my favorites and I’m so excited for the cactus collection we are about to premier on etsy this week! Enjoy the GIF below!

Love, Melanie

Our latest GIF for the Summer 2017 Collection, set to be released on etsy this week!


Meet Ms. Patty Cake

Last week I had a blast meeting with Patricia of MsPattyCake! I met MsPattyCake in person for the first time at her pop-up at The Gypsy Wagon in Dallas. She’s been a fan of the cactus cuties and I’ve loved poring over her instagram photos and seeing her amazing nail art. So when Patricia suggested a collaboration between MsPattyCake and The Cozy Post, I just couldn’t resist! We decided to meet in her pink trailer, “Lolita”, where she provides the one and only mobile nail art experience you can find in Dallas.

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MsPattyCake’s trailer is colorful, unique and just plain adorable.  Every detail of the space has been well thought out, designed for function and to showcase local artists’ work.

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Our afternoon began with Patricia picking out some cactus cuties that would be showcased in her trailer. I gave her a few options to choose from as we went back and forth on what colors would go well with the decor inside the trailer. I’m so happy that these cacti have found a new home in such a creative space! Following some chit chat and fawning over her beautiful trailer, Patricia got started on my nails. After picking out the color, which I absolutely was in love with, MsPattyCake finished up my nails, complete with mini cacti designs on my ring fingers!

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I had such a great time meeting with a creative #GirlBoss! Patricia has created something that can’t be found anywhere else in Dallas. And thank goodness this trailer is mobile and ready to be booked for a party or for a me-time manicure! I’m ending this post with another photo of the stunning nail art I am currently obsessed with! Make sure to stop by MsPattyCake’s website or instagram @mspattycake to book an appointment and come visit the cacti in their new (pink) home!

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A Cozy Celebration!


Photo Credit: Esther H. Photography (

One year ago today, Chris and I launched! It has been an amazing year full of creating and learning and I am so grateful for every person who has admired my cactus figurines. It’s interesting to look back and see how it all began. I never saw myself as a sculptor or even someone who worked with mixed media. While working on my art minor I gravitated more towards painting and print making, but that all changed February of 2015 when Chris bought me a pack of Sculpey clay.

Chris and I came up with the tradition to plan fun date activities for each other on Valentine’s Day and that year Chris wanted to plan an art project for the two of us to do together. The Sculpey clay set he picked up was a variety pack full of different colored clay. He originally thought I would make jewelry with it, but as we began to sculpt various figures I found myself drawn to a little potted desert plant I had made at the beginning of the date. Things began to get busy at school and work for the both of us, but we never forgot about how much fun it was to create art together.

At the beginning of May 2015, Chris and I finally had more time to devote to exploring what our joint art project could be. We recalled the potted plant I had sculpted and began researching images of desert plants that were native to Texas. By the end of the summer I was sculpting little cactus figurines based off of real cacti and of my own creation. The Cozy Post website was born a few months later with the intent to archive all of our future endeavors in art and design!


One of my very first cactus creations, “Alma”, was featured on our website when it first launched.  The handmade paper in this image is still one of my favorites, and I take it out whenever I need to be inspired.

I am so excited to see where The Cozy Post leads us! For now, we are happy that it has led us to a unique art project we have the privilege of sharing together.

-Melanie L.


Photo Credit: Esther H. Photography (

2016 Fall Collection Out Now!

It’s that time of the year to reveal our Fall Collection! This season brings back the slightly larger, but just as cute single cacti set. I’m very excited to release my babies into the world in such an amazing way with our second stop-motion video to date. Check out the video below and head on over to our Etsy shop to check out these colorful cacti in more detail. Who knows, maybe one will even call your name and join you on your desk at work. Bring your cacti to work day? I like the sound of that!

The Cozy Post – Fall 2016 Collection from Chris Loehrlein on Vimeo.

An Afternoon with Esther


There are some friendships that are meant to span the many phases in our lives.  My friendship with Esther has carried me through the childhood years of yarn dolls, secret journals, and through the more complicated adult years of change and self discovery.  Throughout it all, Esther has photographed the milestones of my life – senior photos, college composites, embarrassing head shots for a Degrassi open casting call, and most recently my engagement photos.  Also, we happen to look very similar – she looks more like my mom when she was 25 than I do.

But one milestone that has been more quiet and probably less obvious, is the creation of The Cozy Post.  I have come to a point in adulthood that forces me to fight for my creative time.  If I want to create a piece of art or make something that has no immediate purpose, I have to make time for it.  When I began the The Cozy Post project with Chris, it was my way of making a promise to myself to never stop creating!

My morning coffee date with Esther turned into a hilarious afternoon complete with belly laughs and reminiscing.  Together, we created miniature worlds with rooms filled with my cacti creations and other tiny treasures.  Esther was able to take something so simple – a decorative figurine – and photograph something truly magical. Throughout the years I have collected paper goods and fabric samples that most people wouldn’t give a second glance. Through Esther’s eye for design, she found a home for these scraps and turned them into a work of art with her photographs. She has been such an inspiration to me and I hope that we can continue to create and laugh for years to come!


We created a simple “outdoor” space with a fresh green fabric sample and an old dollhouse bookcase.


This porcelain cat looked absolutely hilarious perched onto one of my cactus figurines!


This is one of my favorite rooms of the “Casa de Cactus” house – the walls are lined with a thick, fabric like paper that is reminiscent of wood paneling.


I have collected paper scraps for as long as I can remember, but could rarely envision a purpose for each piece.  This room combined the cactus figurines with my love of paper goods.


I will end this post with the star photo of the afternoon.  Esther styled this shot perfectly with the mod “rug” and the color blocked walls.  She brought each cactus figurine to life!

Welcome to the coziest blog!


It has been one year since The Cozy Post officially began and I thought it was time to make our art project a little more personal.  For years I have gathered images and ideas in my mind and in my sketch books. I’ve saved countless pieces of mail and patterned papers – all in preparation for something that I didn’t know could ever come to fruition.  I believe people are multifaceted and I’ve always insisted on continuing to create art while I was in school.  Each year would pass and every once in a while I would have elaborate daydreams of quitting school in order to pursue art, theater, anything.  Once my undergraduate career came to an end, I no longer had my art classes to keep me motivated to create, but with time, and the help of my now husband, I began to form the idea for The Cozy Post.  It would be a place for me to create whatever I wanted.  And “whatever” became small polymer cacti that have continued to enchant me.  Each one inspires me to explore color, texture, and shape.  With this next year of The Cozy Post, I hope I can continue to create art while sharing stories and images that will bring joy and wonder to others.

– Melanie L.