Welcome to the coziest blog!


It has been one year since The Cozy Post officially began and I thought it was time to make our art project a little more personal.  For years I have gathered images and ideas in my mind and in my sketch books. I’ve saved countless pieces of mail and patterned papers – all in preparation for something that I didn’t know could ever come to fruition.  I believe people are multifaceted and I’ve always insisted on continuing to create art while I was in school.  Each year would pass and every once in a while I would have elaborate daydreams of quitting school in order to pursue art, theater, anything.  Once my undergraduate career came to an end, I no longer had my art classes to keep me motivated to create, but with time, and the help of my now husband, I began to form the idea for The Cozy Post.  It would be a place for me to create whatever I wanted.  And “whatever” became small polymer cacti that have continued to enchant me.  Each one inspires me to explore color, texture, and shape.  With this next year of The Cozy Post, I hope I can continue to create art while sharing stories and images that will bring joy and wonder to others.

– Melanie L.


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