An Afternoon with Esther


There are some friendships that are meant to span the many phases in our lives.  My friendship with Esther has carried me through the childhood years of yarn dolls, secret journals, and through the more complicated adult years of change and self discovery.  Throughout it all, Esther has photographed the milestones of my life – senior photos, college composites, embarrassing head shots for a Degrassi open casting call, and most recently my engagement photos.  Also, we happen to look very similar – she looks more like my mom when she was 25 than I do.

But one milestone that has been more quiet and probably less obvious, is the creation of The Cozy Post.  I have come to a point in adulthood that forces me to fight for my creative time.  If I want to create a piece of art or make something that has no immediate purpose, I have to make time for it.  When I began the The Cozy Post project with Chris, it was my way of making a promise to myself to never stop creating!

My morning coffee date with Esther turned into a hilarious afternoon complete with belly laughs and reminiscing.  Together, we created miniature worlds with rooms filled with my cacti creations and other tiny treasures.  Esther was able to take something so simple – a decorative figurine – and photograph something truly magical. Throughout the years I have collected paper goods and fabric samples that most people wouldn’t give a second glance. Through Esther’s eye for design, she found a home for these scraps and turned them into a work of art with her photographs. She has been such an inspiration to me and I hope that we can continue to create and laugh for years to come!


We created a simple “outdoor” space with a fresh green fabric sample and an old dollhouse bookcase.


This porcelain cat looked absolutely hilarious perched onto one of my cactus figurines!


This is one of my favorite rooms of the “Casa de Cactus” house – the walls are lined with a thick, fabric like paper that is reminiscent of wood paneling.


I have collected paper scraps for as long as I can remember, but could rarely envision a purpose for each piece.  This room combined the cactus figurines with my love of paper goods.


I will end this post with the star photo of the afternoon.  Esther styled this shot perfectly with the mod “rug” and the color blocked walls.  She brought each cactus figurine to life!


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