A Cozy Celebration!


Photo Credit: Esther H. Photography (www.estherhphoto.com)

One year ago today, Chris and I launched thecozypost.com! It has been an amazing year full of creating and learning and I am so grateful for every person who has admired my cactus figurines. It’s interesting to look back and see how it all began. I never saw myself as a sculptor or even someone who worked with mixed media. While working on my art minor I gravitated more towards painting and print making, but that all changed February of 2015 when Chris bought me a pack of Sculpey clay.

Chris and I came up with the tradition to plan fun date activities for each other on Valentine’s Day and that year Chris wanted to plan an art project for the two of us to do together. The Sculpey clay set he picked up was a variety pack full of different colored clay. He originally thought I would make jewelry with it, but as we began to sculpt various figures I found myself drawn to a little potted desert plant I had made at the beginning of the date. Things began to get busy at school and work for the both of us, but we never forgot about how much fun it was to create art together.

At the beginning of May 2015, Chris and I finally had more time to devote to exploring what our joint art project could be. We recalled the potted plant I had sculpted and began researching images of desert plants that were native to Texas. By the end of the summer I was sculpting little cactus figurines based off of real cacti and of my own creation. The Cozy Post website was born a few months later with the intent to archive all of our future endeavors in art and design!


One of my very first cactus creations, “Alma”, was featured on our website when it first launched.  The handmade paper in this image is still one of my favorites, and I take it out whenever I need to be inspired.

I am so excited to see where The Cozy Post leads us! For now, we are happy that it has led us to a unique art project we have the privilege of sharing together.

-Melanie L.


Photo Credit: Esther H. Photography (www.estherhphoto.com)


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