Summer 2017 Collection Sneak Peek

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to share the newest GIF/promo video for the Summer 2017 Collection. The Cozy Post hiatus is finally over and I am thrilled to begin working on art pieces and projects again. When I look back on how The Cozy Post has grown over the last two years I can’t help but smile! After an encouraging art show at Home Grown Fest 2015, Chris and I realized how far our little cactus figurines could go. The following summer was filled with creating new pieces in the sweltering heat (the air conditioning went out a couple times that hot, Texas summer) and fulfilling orders from our etsy page and from a brick and mortar vintage shop that sold our cacti. To commemorate the release of some of my newest designs, Chris helped me create our very first GIF to be featured on social media. Chris’ talent for music, photography, and production made my cacti look magical on screen!

Our very first GIF/promo video featured cacti from the Summer 2015 collection and special designs made for Home Grown Fest 2015

I remember setting up a sad little “studio” in my parent’s living room with a makeshift light box and desk lamps pointed at my cacti. We took shot after shot and my dad probably thought we were crazy. But the end result was a sweet little video that commemorates such a special time for The Cozy Post. Even more important than that, the video also serves as a reminder of a creative and busy summer!

Now, exactly two years later Chris and I are ready to show a sneak peek of another cactus collection! I will delve more into what inspired me for this summer’s collection in a later post, but I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for this art project! It has really served as an artistic outlet for myself and Chris and has pushed both of us to create, even when we don’t feel immediate inspiration. We really had to ease ourselves into making GIFs and videos again by keeping things simple for this sneak peek (let it be known that our “studio” situation hasn’t changed much haha!). The jingle for this GIF is one of my favorites and I’m so excited for the cactus collection we are about to premier on etsy this week! Enjoy the GIF below!

Love, Melanie

Our latest GIF for the Summer 2017 Collection, set to be released on etsy this week!


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